Monday, July 26, 2010

Beautiful. Revolting.

Both words describe the kingdom of God as demonstrated by Jesus. In life, Jesus consistently portrayed the beauty of God's kingdom, and in doing so, revolted against the world's greed, pride, and oppression.

In recent years, Christians have been seduced by the mindset that 'Jesus opposed.' Attempting to mingle faith with politics, we have proceeded as if Jesus' kingdom were of this world. It hasn't worked. Instead, we have done a bunch of damage to the gospel.

The kingdom isn't primarily about believing different things; it's about living a radically different way.

It's not about conquering the world for Jesus; it's about serving the world like Jesus.

It's not about going to church; it's about being the church.

It's not primarily about confessing Jesus; it's about loving like Jesus.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wasted Faith

When we pray or have faith for something and it doesn't happen, there's a tendency to think that the prayers were wasted or that the faith was wasted. And so we don't even want to bother again.

In actuality, God never wastes our faith. If you pray for something and that particular thing doesn't happen, who's to say God isn't taking the faith and the prayers that you prayed about that situation and posting them to another account in your life that you're going to see at a future time?

You may pray that God would sell your house and your house doesn't sell. But maybe in seven years, you get a deal on a house that is life-changing that you never could have imagined at the time. Or maybe you have been unable to have children and you're praying desperately and faithfully that God will give you a child. In your mind, you're thinking that means that you'll get pregnant. Nothing happens. But maybe three years later you have the opportunity to adopt and have the child you were praying for so faithfully. Now you can't imagine your life without that child.

Who's to say that God did not take the faith that you exerted toward one prayer that He chose not to answer, and apply your faith to answer another prayer that you didn't even know to pray?

God is not wasting your faith. He has not wasted your prayers. He has something for you. It just might be something you didn't know you were asking for at the time.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mission Trip Video

The video that was played in the service at Schweitzer this morning.

SUMC High School Mission Trip Video from Tim Smith on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mission Trip Mid-Week Recap

Mission Trip Mid-Week Recap