Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Day (x3)

The recent ice storm has been Springfield's 3rd straight ice storm in three years. The schools have had 3 straight days off of school this week as well. Some of the boys from the youth group took it upon themselves to help out an elderly couple in need of snow/ice shoveling. The Mahnken's were both sick and called Schweitzer to see if anyone would help. The youth jumped on it without hesitation. We shoveled the driveway, threw snowballs, made a snowman, and played baseball with snow. Just another snow day in Springfield, MO.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tuesday Night Basketball

Last Tuesday (1/13), myself and some other college aged guys from Schweitzer wanted to play some ball, so we played from 9:00-11:30pm, full court, 5 on 5 basketball in Schweitzer's gym. Most everyone I talked to was the most sore they've been in a long time. But that didn't stop us from playing again last night. Our 2nd Tuesday Night Basketball was a success. We had over 16 people show up to play. People from Schweitzer, but mostly some of our friends that just like to play ball. Here's hoping this keeps taking off. Who knows, maybe it will become some sort of new ministry!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

StL Blues

On Thursday night, my buddy Brent and I went to the Avalanche vs. Blues game in St. Louis. Within the first :02 of the game, there was already a fight. Right off the face off. We knew we were in for a game to remember. And that is was. A score of 5-2, with 2 fights, and we were sitting 9 rows off the ice.

A St. Louis native, Cam Janssen scored his first goal as a Blue on Thursday night. Not known for his goal scoring, Janssen is known for his ability to hurt. Believe it or not, Janssen is only 24 years old, which is my age. Congratulations Janssen for scoring your first goal as a St. Louis Blue!

If you want to see what Cam Janssen is known for, click here.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Power of One

Dear God,

Thank you for helping me to realize my abilities and not focus on my disabilities.


Some of us need a pick-me-up through out the week. I came across this video on a couple days ago about a boy named Adam Bender. A boy that doesn't understand how to give up. Adam has a story that we can all learn from. Watch and see.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Look Back

Last year was a great year for The Refuge (Schweitzer's Youth Ministry). Here is a sample of all the things we did in 2008.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year Resolutions

When people here I'm a youth pastor, the first thing they ask is, "What do you do all day at an office?" Well here is a sample of what I do. The youth team recently went to some friends of ours and asked them what they think about New Year Resolutions for a new series we are doing on Sunday nights. Some thanks are due to Josh and Alex at Sunshine Bike Shop, Josh Kitchin with YoungLife, and Angela and Julianne with Schweitzer. Without you guys, this video wouldn't have worked. Thanks a lot. Hope you enjoy the video.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Over-Looked Artist

With their first album released in 2006, Hyperstatic Union has not gotten the attention they were hoping for. With a "Contemporary Christian" label slapped on them, many musician simply over-looked the band. But I plee with you to take a second and research their lead singer, Shawn Lewis.

I was first introduced to Shawn Lewis through a friend of a friend in the dorms of my freshman year in college. His debut solo album was like nothing I had heard. There were catchy, upbeat, eclectic songs. Then, there were songs that reminded me of a hymn in a traditional church service.

I was surfing YouTube the other day, and stumbled upon some of his music, after not hearing anything from him for a couple years. And this is what I found. This video shows the diversity and talent of Shawn Lewis. Hope you enjoy.

If you want to check out a rendition of "Billy Jean" by Shawn Lewis, click here.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Friends Around The World

Many of my friends from college have decided to leave the town of Springfield for something a little more 3rd World, and all three need your prayers.  

Tyler Grimes has recently came back to the States from a stint in Kenya.  Tyler traveled around the country, visiting Orphanages and providing love to those who feel there isn't any in their lives.  He came down with Typhoid Fever and Malaria at the same time while in Kenya.  Although he is back in the States, he still needs your prayers for a healthy recovery.

Stephanie Asmus had her trip to Bolivia cut short due to health problems as well.  She was also working with local youth around Bolivia.  A freak accident occurred where acid had gotten on her face and in her eyes, and she was legally blind for awhile.  While being smothered in prayer, Stephanie has been blessed with sight once again.  But her health can still be prayed for as she is still not 100% yet.

I have recently got to talk to one of my other friends that has been over seas for awhile, loving people.  And she needs to be smothered with prayer right now.  After graduating college, Sarah Whiting joined the Peace Corp and is now in Uganda.  Loving people.  She is away from home, from her family, from her friends, and from her fellowship she knew so well here in the States. Please be praying for her spiritual and physical health while she has another year in the Peace Corp. The pictures below are of Sarah, so as you look at them, please be in prayer for her while she is in Uganda.