Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hockey Aside

In the 2006-07 NHL season, the Ottowa Senators came up short of winning their first Stanley Cup since 1927. But lets put hockey aside for a moment, and focus on a story with Senator's Center, Mike Fisher, and a little boy named Elgin Fraser.

Elgin was a 3 year old who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. One of his wishes was the meet the players of the Ottowa Senators. And he did at a practice. He got to skate with the guys, and took a ride in the arms of Mike Fisher, and even was able to score a goal on goalie, Ray Emery. But the story doesn't stop there...

Elgin was at game 4 of the 06-07 Stanley Cup finals in Ottowa, which was a loss. And he got to meet the team again afterward. As cliche as it is, defenseman Chris Phillips promised Elgin that the Sens would win the next game, game 5, against the Buffalo Sabres, in Buffalo. The day before the team left to play game 5, Mike Fisher visited Elgin at his home, and stayed much longer than expected. With no press, no cameras, no words afterwards, Mike Fisher hung out with Elgin for hours at his home, playing with cars, watching movies, talking Hockey, etc. All before heading out to play one of the most important games Mike will play in his life.

The Senators did win Game 5, and Elgin managed to hold on to watch them do it. And died only a few hours after.

My goal is not to write a sob story, to make you cry, to get you to like hockey, or even Mike Fisher. My goal is to show you how far a little old fashion, good heartedness can go. A little boy with a wish. A professional athlete with a kind heart. Equals a team of inspiration.

What is something you can do for someone this week? Mike Fisher could have done plenty of other things with his time than to go visit a fan. Christ probably had plenty of other things to do, but he never passed up a chance to help someone in need, to heal someone, or to sit down and have a heart to heart with someone.

Do you have time in your busy schedule to help someone in need?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Things Jeff's Noticed

Jeff Houghton hosts a show here in Springfield called "The Mystery Hour." He does a bit where he tells his audience about things he has noticed in life. Here are some examples from his show, last Friday.

- When I came home today I thought my wife surprised me with an HDTV, but it turns out she just dusted off the screen.

- I couldn't get my dog to stop peeing on the carpet, so I have up and started putting carpet cleaner in his water dish.

- My neighbor has had a 'moving sale' every weekend for the last two years.

- I bet that when they were making the seating chard for the typewriter that 'm' and 'n' were really excited to sit by each other because they were already friends.

- My twitter account got hacked, but what sucked most about it was that 'hacked me' is way cooler than regular me.

- That I had an embarassing moment the other day. I asked a woman if she was pregnant... she wasn't... she was a man.

- Sometimes I will put grapes in with my raisin bran. I like to think of it as taking kids on a field trip to an old folks home.

Check out more of Jeff and what he has to say at The Mystery Hour.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Refrigerator Resolutions

5 Refrigerator Resolutions for 2010

1) I will be more CHILD-LIKE. (matt. 18:3)
2) I will FORGIVE as I've been FORGIVEN. (heb. 12:15)
3) I will become HOMU UNIUS LIBRI or "a person of One Book." (heb. 4:12)
4) I will fight only one ENEMY. (eph. 6:12)
5) I will give my 'SELF' away. (1 john 4:19-21)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Snow at Home

So today marked my first substantial snow at the new house and my first drive way shoveling experience at my own house. Good day.